Patient Information

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have just undergone an operation under local anesthetic.

Usually the effects of this type of anesthetic are felt over time for this reason it is possible that the effects will last for many hours and you will continue to feel as if your foot is asleep and will not feel any pain.

This effect can last for more than a day. You should not be alarmed if foot feels numb and heavy the day after.

After you may feel a little or a lot of pain depending on the type of operation you have undergone (the pain is relative to the number of toes which were operated and then number of fractures)

To put your at ease we want to inform you that about 30% of our patients do not have to take any analgesics.

Usually for this type of pain a 1000mg of Paracetamol every 8 hours is enough.

If Paracetamol is not strong enough we prescribe Contramal SR 100, one tablet every 12 hours.

However, you can use whichever analgesic you prefer, have available or are used to taking. However, for any problems that occur you should consult your treating physician.

Remember that it is not advised to exceed or adjust the prescribed dose of the analgesic nor is it advisable to wait to take it until the pain is very strong.

In every case an efficient way to reduce the pain is to raise the limb. If you raise and gently stretch the operated foot your discomfort will be reduced.


Do not worry if your foot feels as if it is asleep for many hours

If it is necessary take a painkiller with the proper dosage and timing

Keep in close contact with the doctor in charge of your case